Petsmart Grooming Coupons

PetSmart is the largest specialty retail superstore in the United States that deals mainly in pet food, pet supplies, and pet services including the popular Petsmart grooming coupons. Operating over 1,232 superstores across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, PetSmart has managed to maintain an undeniable stronghold on the $500 dollar industry. With substantially larger stores and a wider range of products and services compared to their competitors, staying ahead of the competition has been relatively easy for the PetSmart stores. Moreover they offer the widest range of pet lifetime solutions such as grooming, daycare facilities, boarding facilities and veterinary services compared to most specialty pet stores around.


Petsmart History

PetSmart was founded by Jim and Janice Dougherty in 1986 in the state of Arizona. Initially it was known as the petFood warehouse and mainly dealt in pet products such as pet foods, pet equipment and apparel. In a few years PetFood warehouse grew rapidly to open several new stores and expand its range of products from the traditional pet products to include a small-pets department and a fully equipped dog salon. Further the name was changed from petFood warehouse to PETsMART Inc. and for the first time the management introduced veterinarian mobile clinics to cater for the growing demand for pet health care services.

petsmart grooming couponsIn the 1990’s the PetSmart store experienced unprecedented growth spurred by the opening of new stores, building a massive distribution point and the introduction of new products and services in their retail stores. One of their biggest milestones around that time was the stores’ debut into the NASDAQ stock exchanged when they went public for the first time in 1993 under the symbol PETM. PetSmart Charities, Inc., a nonprofit organization which is committed to curbing euthanasia and finding homes for homeless pets also marked a significant achievement for the PetSmart stores enterprise. Furthermore, to counter the ever increasing competition the management aggressively bought out some of their main competitors such as Weisheimer Companies, Inc., which operated 29 PETZAZZ in 1994, the PetStuff, Inc., the Pet Food Company and the Sporting Dog Specialties, Inc. in 1995.

In its journey to becoming the leading pets products dealer and most sought after provider of pet solutions and services, the PetSmart stores has over the years reinvented the term pet grooming. Although pet grooming was an initial and fundamental part of the PetSmart outfit, they have over the years streamlined it to become one of the most comprehensive grooming packages offered anywhere. Their highly experienced staff is handpicked to ensure that anyone hired is not only highly dedicated but that they also truly love animals.


Petsmart Grooming Services

In their extremely popular pet grooming salons they offer some of the most exclusive pet grooming services, which include a wide range of dog grooming packages, teeth, nail and ear care and a wide variety of cat grooming services. The pets are usually groomed by highly trained pet stylists and in case the pets are restless the pet parent can request to be present during the grooming session. In addition they also train difficult pets to achieve positive, consistent and acceptable behaviors. If while grooming the pet a PetSmart expert discovers a problem that might require medical care, they usually instantly refer one to the popular Banfield, Pet Hospital. These hospitals offer affordable and quality veterinary services and are usually located within the PetSmart superstores.


Grooming Prices

Although the PetSmart stores offer some of the most quality and excellent services in pet grooming their prices are very competitive. In most cases the amount of money that one ends up paying highly depends on the type of grooming service that their pet needs and the extent of care extended to the pet. For example a simple bath for a medium sized dog would go up Pet groomingto $35 per session compared to a bath, hair trimming, nail clipping and ear care for the same type of dog that usually goes for around $75 without coupons and customer discounts. Regardless of the type of service or the size of one’s pet their prices are usually very fair and affordable.

The PetSmart stores management always aims at attracting more customers and ensuring that their current customers keep coming back for more. To this end they have introduced various ways to reduce their clients’ pet grooming financial burden such as their wide variety of coupons that are usually redeemable for a discount on a pet grooming service of one’s choice. Although they are pretty rare, one can still find these coupons on a few websites such as E-bay, the PetSmart website and social networking forums, not forgetting the numerous exclusive coupons websites on the internet.

The stores are numerous and they are usually open for over ten hours every day mostly from 9.00a.m-9.00 p.m. on weekdays and 10.00a.m-7.00p.m on Sundays and during holidays. Thus, even for busy pet owners booking an appointment for their pets or shopping at any of these stores is usually very convenient.


Tips and practical advices for the perfect pet grooming

In most cases pet grooming usually involves the regular care and nurturing that one extends to their pets. Due to the increasing number of people keeping and nurturing a pet or several pets, the pet grooming industry has over the years seen remarkable growth. Apart from the traditional grooming services such as bathing, hair trimming, nail clipping, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning, the face of pet grooming is changing constantly to include some high end services such as spa treatments and massage therapy among others. Regardless of which grooming regime one may choose for their pets it should be done regularly and correctly to guarantee the overall health and well being of the pet.


Why you should groom your pet by yourself

Over the years pet grooming has been viewed by most people as a pet luxury that is not very essential in the overall well being of a pet. Apart from being inaccurate this view can be potentially harmful to ones pet. Grooming is an essential and important part of the overall well being of a pet. In most cases pets feel more comfortable and in a better mood when they are clean and well groomed. Further while grooming a pet one is likely to spot any open wounds or inconsistent growths and other suspicious abnormalities before they become serious health issues. In addition there are some important and verifiable benefits that one gets from petting, bonding and grooming their pets, such as a considerably reduction in their stress levels.

dog grooming

Although grooming can be a nightmare for the first few times one can solve this by ensuring that the pet is as comfortable as possible and that the grooming sessions are kept short and manageable for the pet. Further one should always ensure that grooming is fun and enjoyable so that the pet can positively anticipate the grooming sessions. Unlike in the past one can do their own pet grooming at home by following a few basic guidelines that are designed to make the grooming process as efficient and enjoyable for both the pet and the pet owner as possible.

These guidelines are extremely basic and they just cover the most essential aspects of pet grooming. Apart from bathing other important aspects of pet grooming that are usually considered to be basic necessities for most pets include hair trimming, combing their hair, cleaning their teeth, removing fleas among others. Although these tasks may seem fairly straight forward they can sometimes prove taxing for most people especially if the pet is large or is usually restless. To start with while grooming a pet one should ensure that they gather all the tools that they might need during the grooming process.


Plan of attack

Once one has gathered the required tools, the required working area and the pet they can then commence with the grooming session. While grooming a pet most people start off by brushing their coat to ensure that it is not tangled. While brushing the pets’ hair this is a good opportunity to look out for any infections, pests such as fleas or mats and tangled hair. Further one can take care of the nails by clipping and cleaning them; taking care not to irritate the pet at this stage and also check the ears, teeth and eyes before moving on to bathing the pet.

While bathing a pet one should ensure that they have the appropriate pet shampoo, warm water from a shower faucet or in a basin, a water resistant surface, a special pet towel and a pet drier. Once the bath is complete one can then dry the pet in a standard pet drier or completely dry it off with a towel. In most cases one may want to style their pet’s hair or cut off any overgrown and shaggy strands of hair.

While trimming a pet’s hair one should always use the appropriate tools such as a shedding blade with short dull teeth. It is usually used to remove the dead hair in particularly harsh petsmart coupons groomingtype of coats. Other tools used in trimming hair are the special pet scissors which are generally longer than normal scissors. Most people prefer taking their pet to a grooming salon where they can have a pet stylist work on their pet for a reasonable fee. Although some pet grooming procedures such as flea removal and some aspects of eye cleaning might need the expertise of a more experienced pet groomer, one can still manage to take care of their pets regularly without much trouble.

While grooming a pet the use of the appropriate tools for the appropriate task is very important. As such one should always carry out relevant research by enquiring from experienced groomers on what tools best suit a pets grooming needs. Some of the most common tools include scissors, shedding blades, nail clippers and a wide variety of combs and brushes such as slicker brush, curry combs and bristle brushes among others